Rogers LS3/5a Classic 15 Ohm review in Hi-Fi News July 2019 Issue

A big thank you to Ken Kessler and Paul Miller of Hi-Fi News for arranging a wonderful 3 page review of the LS3/5a Classic 15 Ohm speakers


Review extract:

“This showed the true worth of the Rogers LS3/5a Classic. One could go to a mini-monitor from a full-on colossus such as the Wilson Sasha/DAW, with bass galore, without feeling cheated. The best analogy I can think of is owning a supercar and then finding a small roadster in one’s garage. Ferrari 599-to-Caterham 7 might seem a leap too far, but a true petrol-head would love and appreciate both.”

Thank you again to Hi-Fi News magazine.

Click here to read the PDF review (13.4mb)